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LSUS places two students in nationwide 15-person institute for diversity and leadership in marketing

Two LSUS students were selected to a 15-member nationwide cohort.

Two LSUS students were selected to a 15-member nationwide cohort to participate in the American Marketing Association’s Diversity and Leadership Institute in June. Junior Josh Bailey and sophomore Angela Basto accepted slots to take part in the four-day retreat June 22-25 at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

The retreat gathers marketing students from historically disenfranchised and underrepresented communities in the marketing field. In the small group setting, students will learn about the history and functions of marketing, discuss contemporary marketing issues, participate in dialogue around equity and social justice, collaborate with peers to present ethical solutions to marketing leadership issues and reflect on the influence of personal identities and histories on effective marketing leadership. The pair attended the AMA’s national conference in New Orleans in April and learned about the opportunity to apply for the institute.

“I had a great time at the conference, and I didn’t realize how big the organization was until I saw it on full display,” said Bailey, a marketing major and vice president of the LSUS AMA chapter. “The conference really pushed me to put myself out there more and apply. I hope that I can use it to improve my understanding of communities that I don’t know a lot about and to improve my understanding of my own community as well. How I can represent my community and be a voice for people who feel like they are underdogs or don’t feel like they have a place in corporate America.”

Basto, a native of Bogota, Colombia, is a sociology major who originally joined the LSUS AMA chapter because of a friend. Now serving as president of the LSUS AMA organization, Basto said she’s learned the value of marketing to reach a target audience with a specific message. “I know how hard it can be to fit into a new environment, and sometimes people don’t see the point of joining student organizations,” Basto said. “I want to learn how to reach these people with different backgrounds. I want to find a place for them to fit in and make a change so they can raise their voice and actually be heard.”

Dr. Dalila Salazar, LSUS marketing associate professor and faculty advisor for the LSUS AMA chapter, said the pair will bring back valuable knowledge and perspective. “This institute is a highly selective opportunity with just 15 students picked, and having two students representing LSUS is a phenomenal accomplishment for the College of Business and our campus as a whole,” Salazar said. “Angela has been highly active in ideating, planning and helping execute all the chapter’s initiatives while constantly looking to strengthen her skillsets and develop her leadership capabilities.

“Josh actively seeks professional development opportunities and disseminates pertinent learned information to peers around him in addition to being considerate and highly engaged.”

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