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Mission Statement

LSU Shreveport Alumni Association strives to support LSU Shreveport and the LSU System by engaging a diverse network of alumni, students, and community partners through collaborative initiatives. We curate lifelong connections among alumni and friends while fostering a spirit of belonging and pride for each unique experience gained at LSU Shreveport.


By prioritizing the needs of our alumni community, the LSUS Alumni Association aligns with the University's commitment to lifelong learning and improvement. We offer access to resources to reinforce our alumni's continued personal and professional development. Through cooperation with the University, the LSUS Alumni Association seeks to create social, academic, cultural, and community engagement initiatives that align with our alumni's interests and values.

In all our activities, the LSU Shreveport Alumni Association upholds the values of integrity, inclusivity, and community, and we work tirelessly to create a vibrant and supportive alumni network that serves the needs of our graduates and the University alike.

As a vital partner in the success of LSUS, the mission of the LSUS Alumni Association is to execute actionable items supporting the University's expansion:

  • Fund scholarships, programs, and projects that benefit the University, students, and alumni.

  • Recognize alumni offer a great diversity of talents, skills, and abilities.

  • Promote university enrollment.

  • Advocate for the expansion of programs at LSU Shreveport.

  • Curate volunteer, mentorship, and growth opportunities throughout the LSUS Pilot community.

  • Encourage community involvement through fundraising, cooperative efforts, volunteerism, and participation in civic organizations.


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Benefits of Membership



Plug into a virtual and in person network of 38K colleagues via the LSUS Alumni Network


Continuing Education

10% discount on all Continuing Education courses, access to professional development workshops



Stay connected to University events and the faculty of your graduating college.

Volunteer opportunities



Customized resume reviews, and tailored career guidance. 

Continued access to Handshake platform  

The LSUS Alumni Association provides various levels of memberships to meet our alumni's needs as they progress through their careers. With each level of membership, alumni gain tools to grow and develop their professional network.



Annual membership for one LSUS alum


Annual membership covering one LSUS alum and up to two family members 


Lifetime membership for one alum


Annual membership for one LSUS alumni business owner

Community Partner

Annual membership for community partner and/or friends of the LSUS Alumni Association

Update Your Alumni Information

Let us know about your successes, pain points, wins, and challenges! Updating your contact information allows us to keep you plugged in to campus updates, alumni networking opportunities, and career development.

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